CRM Course according JAR-OPS 1.945
  Crew Resource Managment


JAR-OPS 1 Subpart N Section 2.

 AMC OPS 1.943/1.945(a)(9)/1.965(b)(6)/1.965(e) - Crew Resource Management (CRM).

 Initial CRM training

 Initial CRM training programmes are designed to provide knowledge of, and familiarity with, human factors relevant to flight operations. The course duration should be a minimum of one day for single pilot operations and two days for all other types of operations. It should cover all elements in Table 1. column (a)to the level required by column (b)(initial CRM training).

 Recurrent CRM training

 An operator should ensure that: (a)Elements of CRM are integrated into all appropriate phases of recurrent training every year and that elements in Table 1. column (a) are covered to the level required by column (f) (recurrent training); and that modular CRM training covers the same areas over a maximum period of 3 years.

 IEM OPS 1.943/1.945(a)(9)/1.965(b)(6)/1.965(e)- Crew Resource Management (CRM).

 CRM training should reflect the culture of the operator and be conducted by means of both classroom training and practical exercises including group discussions and accident reviews to analyse communication problems and instances of examples of a lack of information or crew management.

 Whenever it is practicable to do so, consideration should be given to conducting relevant parts of CRM training in synthetic training devices which reproduce, in an acceptable way, a realistic operational environment and permit interaction. This includes, but is not limited to, simulators with appropriate LOFT scenarios.


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