Flightware Simulation Technology solely works with the ASCENT B200 Full Flight Trainer.

The ASCENT B200 Full Flight Trainer's exhaustive and realistic simulation supports:
1: BASIC TRAINING Ab-initio A/C handling, VFR and IFR training to a high level of proficiency.
2: Training in complex aircraft systems, performance, normal and emergency procedures from engine start to engine shut down, including N-1 operations.


The ASCENT B200 Full Flight Trainer allows for a duplication of
day to day situations. The trainer can be used in support of pilot selection, initial and recurrent type training and MCC/LOFT.

MCC: Decision Making and Multi Crew Cooperation

The Ascent B200 Full Flight Trainer supports training in effectice decision making, communication, work load management, use of checklists, mutual supervision and teamwork, leadership and situational awareness management. The instructor-controlled
environment allows the trainingto be performed in normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

LOFT: Airline Oriented Flight Training

By implementing airline standard procedures, local company route structures, realistic airport visual scenes and pre-programmed flight scenarios, training is performed in a line-like environment.

Training Management and Instructor Station

Mastered by all in amatter of hours via a user-friendly graphical instructor station.
Planning, control and standardization of training can be achieved via the Lesson Plan Editor and the pre-programmed flight scenarios.
Instructor has on-line control of all in-flight parameters: malfunctions, arriving and departing weather, aircraft system elements, routes, navigation aid status, visual scene contents such as visibility, ATC via the audio system and much more.
Debriefing, task mnitoring and evaluation can be performed using flight data playback, in-flight cockpit video recording and graphic hard copy plots.


System Technical Highlights

Twin Turbo Prop cinfiguration (Beech B200 Super King Air)
Complete representations of all aircraft systems and performance for Normal and Emergency Procedures.
Complete cockpit configuration with Audio System, Dual Pilot and Copilot instrumentation, Autopilot and Flight Director; options available include EFIS and NMS.
Active Force Feel on each of the primary flight controls.
Sophisticated sound and audio simulation.
Design compliant with FAA FTD levels, JAR STD 3A up to FNPT II MCC.
Computing using a real time operating system and automated calibration and troubleshooting utilities.
INSIGHT 3D Graphics Visual System with Day/Night/Dusk/RVR capabilities; 150 degrees X 35 degrees out of the cockpit field of view; with Custom Local Scenery Airports as well as any-town airport for use with worldwide, weekly updated,
JEPPESEN navigation (ARINC 424) databases.


Flight Performance Data Sheet

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